We can help students find the best accommodation for every budget through our partner accommodation providers and homestay families


Where you choose to live is a key part of your study experience and getting this right is one of the most important decisions you will make as an international student. We do insist that you live locally, ideally in the City of Cardiff or within a 10 mile radius, to make it as easy and affordable as possible for you to attend and engage with all the College has to offer.

The international team is here to support you in finding friendly and contemporary accommodation before you arrive in the UK. We have a range of partner accommodation providers that offer standout living, leisure and study facilities and with many types to choose from we can offer a room to suit every budget. Our accommodation can be classified into three distinct groups: private student halls, homestay and private rental accommodation for over 18’s only. 

Private Student Halls

Private student halls are larger halls of residence designed and offered exclusively to students. The price charged is an all-inclusive rate meaning you don’t have to worry about paying for gas, electricity, water and internet access – they’re all part of the package!

Our main student hall providers are Zenith and Ty Pont Haern, both being located with 10 minutes easy walk of the College.

Our private student halls cost from £575 per month depending on the type of room and accommodation facilities. 


The international team at CAVC can also arrange homestay accommodation for you. We work with the British Council registered Hosts International as our homestay provider. They are a high quality, professional provider of homestay options and have been supporting the accommodation needs of international students since 1988.

Anyone under the age of 18 living in the United Kingdom is legally a child and Hosts International understand that these students may have additional needs in terms of welfare and support. They are experienced in placing junior students (16 and 17 years old ) with host families for international students and have a broad database of hosts who are experienced in accommodating both individuals and groups.  

Our Homestay accommodation costs from £600 per month with all meals included. 

All available homestay accommodation will be within 10 miles of the CAVC City Centre Campus, all students will be provided with their own bedroom during their stay, and will not be required to share a room with another student. Occasionally a maximum of 3 students may be living within the homestay accommodation. 

Private Rental Sector

Some students over the age of 18 may prefer to seek accommodation in the private rental sector, particularly if they want to move in with friends.  These options are available on the open rental market and typically would involve the sharing of a 3, 4 or 5 bed student house. 

The costs for this type of arrangement can be lower and bills may or may not be included. You will of course have to organise all your own catering if you choose this option and there may be some additional costs of travelling to the College if you are away from the City Centre. We will equip you with a list of local rental agencies to help facilitate the process of finding a suitable property.

Private rental sector accommodation will cost between £500 - £600 per month typically. This generally will not include bills. 

Accommodation Deposit 

Students on non-English Academy programmes will be required to pay an accommodation deposit pre arrival. This is to ensure that suitable accommodation is available. 

In order to reserve a room, we ask you to: 

  1. Pay your tuition fee in full in advance of enrolment 
  2. Pay a £3,000 deposit for the room in advance 
  3. Pay the remaining accommodation fee during the first term of study
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