24/7 CAVC Freshers Fayre

6 Sep 2021

Every September we welcome thousands of students through the doors at our Cardiff and Barry campuses for our annual Freshers' Fayre. Unfortunately, due to restrictions in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, it will not be possible to hold this large-scale event in person this year, so we're taking it online!

The CAVC 24/7 Virtual Freshers Fayre brings you 24 hour access to information, activities and offers via the student portal.

Organisations will be participating in live online events throughout September, and bringing samples and information to you on campus throughout the month. Check back regularly for new activities and events you can participate in, and to find out more about volunteering opportunities, societies and activities that you can participate in at CAVC!

Each participating organisation, group or service will have their own space within a new, purpose-built area on MY.CAVC.AC.UK

Please get in touch by email if you represent an organisation and would like to participate in the CAVC's 24/7 Virtual Freshers' Fayre, and to share initial ideas about what you can offer at this year's event.

6.09.2021 - 1.10.2021