Programmes and Fees

We provide a flexible solution to your learning needs, including studying part-time or full-time.

Our programmes are flexible and we are happy to discuss options and hours before you book with us. Most full-time learners enrol for 16+ hours per week; and part-time learners enrol for 3, 6 or 9 hours per week.
We like to keep it simple, our course fees are £15 per hour. There are no registration, enrolment or course material fees!
If you pay for your tuition fee in full at enrolment we can offer a 10% tuition fee discount on a minimum 12 week booking.
You can study with us from 4 weeks to however long you would like, this can be discussed with an English Academy tutor or the international team, please get in touch.
To register you only need to pay a £250 deposit – fully refundable! We can also set up payment instalments to make your time with us more affordable.

What’s included in my learning package?

  • English Language Tuition
  • A Free LanguageCert English Exam
  • Student Experience Programme (Social activities)
  • Free Wi-Fi on campus
  • 1 – 1 progress meeting with an English language tutor (In person or online)
  • Course materials
  • CAVC Certificate

Continuous Enrolment

When you join a class at CAVC English Academy, please remember that you may join in the middle of a course and that other students have studied things before you. This does not mean you will be behind with the material. You may already have studied the material or you will do it in the future. You will start on a Monday. If you have any worries after your first class, please speak to your teacher.

Moving levels

The teachers regularly have meetings about how they can support and develop their students and they discuss your progress together. If it is clear that you have achieved the standard required at your level, we may recommend that you move up a level. 

How do I apply?

Please click here to complete an online form. At the end of your application, you will be asked to write a personal statement. Please do this without the use of a dictionary or spell checker to help us to assess your level of English correctly.

Write a minimum of 150 words to tell us a little about yourself. You may also wish to tell us:

  • Why you have chosen this particular course, and what you hope to gain from studying this programme?
  • How the course fits in to your future work, study or social plans?
  • Why you have chosen to study in Cardiff?

The next step in the application process will be to complete a short English Academy placement test and then book an online meeting with one of our tutors.

After the appointment, we will send a course offer via email containing information on how to enrol on the course agreed upon at the interview.

English Exams and Qualifications

At CAVC, we can help you register for an officially recognised English language examination that can be used for university or college applications, employment or immigration purposes. We will help you find the right exam for you! 

LanguageCert is committed to developing and delivering high-quality, internationally recognised language exams that enhance the career, education and life prospects of individuals worldwide.

IELTS is an English language test for study, migration or work. Over three million people take our test every year. IELTS is accepted by more than 11,000 employers, universities, schools and immigration bodies around the world.

Cambridge English 
More than 25,000 organisations in 130 countries around the world rely on our secure exams and tests as proof of English language ability.

Accredited Exam Centre
You can prepare for exams and sit them in the same place with CAVC. An exam booking service is included free with any course.