Pre-arrival & student welfare: English Academy

We support all of our English Academy students in preparing to study in the UK and living in Cardiff. From pre – arrival to course completion our teams are available to support you in every stage of your study experience. We can’t wait to welcome you to CAVC!
We welcome students aged 16 and above, If they are not staying with a relative or family friend, 16 and 17 year olds will be required to stay in homestay accommodation.
Students aged 16 or 17 coming to the UK will need to have a completed CAVC Parental Travel Consent Form, this will be provided during the admissions process. 

CAVC Safeguarding Policy
CAVC has a safeguarding policy in place for the protection of students, especially those under 18 years of age studying with us. The college has designated safeguarding and wellbeing teams for all learners. 

Information and advice for International Students
The UK Council for International Student Affairs provides up-to-date information about student support and working and living in the UK for current and prospective international students.
If you have a query about studying in the UK, we recommend you check out their website by clicking here
For practical information and insight on UK education for international students, we also recommend reading the British Council’s Study UK website. 
At CAVC, we also provide a pre arrival guide for our international students. The guide provides practical advice and guidance to ensure a smooth transition to living in the UK and the capital city of Cardiff, please click here to download.

Cost of Living in Cardiff

In addition to the tuition fee for the course and your accommodation there are other costs that you will need to include in your budget.  We understand the need for good visibility of these costs to allow you to compare providers and enable you to make an informed choice.

Additional costs includes daily living expenditures such as transport costs, learning resources, the cost of examinations, and social activities. 

For those looking to register for an official English language test such as IELTS, the cost of the examination is extra and will be in the range of £186 - £200. 

The price of College organised social events and trips is included within your tuition fee at CAVC although we ask for a small refundable deposit of £10 to secure a place on a trip to destinations such as Bath, London and Oxford. 

Books and other resources for your course are all available in print or online in our Success Centre at the City Centre Campus, but you can buy books cheaply from local book stores or online vendors if you prefer to have your own copies. 

Food costs will depend on your customs, habits and budget.  If you are living in self-catering accommodation and enjoy cooking, you may spend about £30 per week. If you like to eat out then this may increase considerably. 

Local buses are cheap but in most cases you will be living close enough to the College to walk or cycle in. A daily bus ticket in Cardiff will currently cost £3.80. 

If you live further out, you will be eligible for young person’s rail and bus discount which will make your commute into College considerably cheaper. We will help you apply for these passes during induction. 

Social spending is discretionary and you will need to budget appropriately taking into account all other essential expenditure.

Cardiff is one of the most affordable student cities in the UK. The Welsh Capital came first in the 2019 Natwest Student Living Index as the most cost-effective student city in the UK. The Index was based on student income, monthly expenditure and life balance.

The minimum cost of living as recommended by UKVI for studying outside London is £1,023 per month. To pass the maintenance test for your student visa, you will have to show you have money for the cost of your first year tuition fees and living costs of £9,207.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care of our students is our overriding priority. We want you to feel safe and relaxed about coming to study with us and to reassure your parents and guardians that we are providing a first class duty of care. By doing this we create the best conditions for you to reach your academic potential and achieve great outcomes. 

If you are Under 18 years of age we provide enhanced support and these are documented in our safeguarding policy.

Student’s Under 18

If you are 16 or 17 when you enrol with us, we are legally required to provide additional support to make sure we have met all our obligations and give you peace of mind that we have your wellbeing at heart.

You will be attending classes with students aged 18 and older so we work hard to create conditions where you are comfortable in an adult environment even if your peers are only slightly older than you.

As an under 18 we will provide comprehensive support as you settle into life outside of the classroom. Our International Student Experience team will also take you through an induction process to help familiarise you with life in the UK, to ensure you get the very best out of your study experience.  

For our under 18’s living in our primary student hall residence, there is on-site supervision for all students 24-hours a day, including a dedicated CAVC student supervisor responsible for the welfare and safety of our international learners outside of the college campus.  First aiders are also available at the accommodation at all times. We have links with local doctors' surgeries and a local hospital if we feel students need specialist medical attention.

In the induction process, we will specify the conditions for students’ time outside of lessons and extra-curricular activities including rules and conditions of living with a homestay family.

During the admissions process for U18’s, we will require parental consent forms to be signed and we will also request a video call verification with parent’s pre-arrival.

Remember, CAVC and your guardians cannot guarantee 24-hour supervision.